Burns Farm Huitlacoche

Producing the finest quality Huitlacoche since 1993


If your looking for that new,mysterious ingredient that'll put your menu/restaurant on the map? Or do you already have this delicacy on the tables of your restaurante latino?

Which ever one of the two you are, This is the only place to get your Huitlacoche if you want

the highest quality mexican truffles that are available year round for shipment. All of our Huitlacoche is grown locally in-house, harvested, processed,packaged,and shipped from our

family farm here in Florida. You can be assured it only passes from our hands to yours after 

being frozen..A food that was held sacred with spiritual properties by the greatest ancient  

Aztec civilizations is now one of the most popular and sought after dishes on the menus of

some of todays hottest and well known latin restaurants like some of our customers: Rosa Mexicano DC,NY,MN,CA, Crema Restaurante NY, Fonda San Miguel TX, Sierra Bonita AZ, Salpicon CHI,Hecho en Dumbo NY, and Oyame! in DC just to name a few.....Its a great addition to vegetarian an vegan menus as well so ask us about our sample sizes to give it a try. Hope to here from you soon

Thank You,

                        Roy Burns (owner/grower)

Aztec Corn God blessing Huitlacoche